News Lupin ZERO is coming to home video in Japan!

Lupin III related news.


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Lupin ZERO will be releasing on both DVD and Blu-ray in Japan this June!

The DVD release is due to cost 8,800 Japanese Yen (around $66), while the Blu-ray will retail at the slightly more expensive 11,000 (around $82). Both format versions will release on June the 21st 2023, and pre-orders are currently open over at the VAP website, along with a select few other retailers.

Previously, the show was only available in Japanese speaking territories digitally, via the DMM TV streaming service. Other language territories outside of Japan are yet to receive details of a home video release, with streaming services such as HIDIVE, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime Video currently hosting the show.

For those unfamiliar (which rock have you been living under?!), Lupin ZERO is an original net animation prequel spanning six episodes, and it stars a young Lupin III along with his buddy, Daisuke Jigen. The pair cross paths with many colourful characters as they go on adventures, come to terms with themselves, and attempt to decide upon their paths in life. The show also features some story elements taken from the original Lupin III manga series by Monkey Punch.

If you are willing to read a bit of Japanese, or make good use of Google Translate, a new interview has been posted with the Japanese voice talent of both Young Lupin and Jigen, to mark the occasion! Both Tasuku Hatanaka (Lupin III) and Shunsuke Takeuchi (Daisuke Jigen) come across as having a great time in all of their previous interview content, and this is no exception. At the end, the pair both mention that since they had so much fun recording for ZERO, they can’t help but now feel a little lonely. They both hope that they can return to Lupin again, some day, despite the show having a nice ending - and hey, I hope they can return, too! Second season when, TMS…?!

I hope those living in Japan, or importing from abroad, can enjoy the home video release!