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Man Russel is really taking Doctor who in a weird direction not gonna lie, but I really enjoyed it?

I think watching Lupin has possibly tainted how I view alot shows now, you can have this serious plot in concept but bullshit just happening all the time on screen.

I kid you not "The Devils Chord" ends in a musical
i swear ai art generation locally is so bad I've made some memes about it. its so bad I'm creating an ai character card based on the nightmare fuel my computer spat back at me. ai art generated lupin isnt real and can't hurt me. (I think it looked like chronenburg lupin atleast i didn't pay for it.)
yes I ate a whole baked camemberet cheese, with whole grain crackers it was a nice dinner.
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Cheese and crackers is delicious, no apologies!
especially with a nice glass of glass of saugvion blanc. I did not regret that wine hangover the next day it was that fancy. and cheese was on sale idk when i go groccery shopping i end up hitting multiples groccery stores as they have different deals and camemberet was like 50 percent off.
In terms of moderating, I have gotten a stunning amount of spam to clear lately! Sometimes 6-7 a day. Thankfully this forum software has good filters but sorry if I miss anything. If you spot any spam, report it and I'll get to it ASAP!