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Going to ETSUcon this Saturday! Roommate and I doin our luzeni cos! I'm not expecting to find any Lupin stuff but heck maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
(There is one vendor common to TN cons that always has more retro and less mainstream goods, I've found Kitaro stuff at his booth before, so mmmmmmaybe...)
I just spent way to much time making a Swedish fancast for Cagliostro, which is probably never gonna happen, but here I am lol
I hope you work towards it! It would be super cool to see more fan-made dubs :)
Oh, it's more of a "what if these famous Swedish voice actors did a dub for Cagliostro?" rather than a fandub. Kinda like those Headcanon voice videos you see on YT, but I might make that video.
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Armageddon coming up which means..

Lupin cosplay time!

My wallet gonna be very empty by the end of April