Lobac's Lupin III Y Translation

I do NOT know nearly enough Japanese to read these stories without assistance, but most of them are simple enough to figure out with DeepL, a kanji dictionary and a bit of elbow grease.

I've only done one full story so far, but If I get the time to do any more, then I figure collecting them somewhere would be a good idea.

CHAPTER 76: Lupin Sees The Future

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And on Google Drive.

Lupin does indeed see the future, and it's a bullet in his chest from one of the last people he'd ever suspect. Did this one because the opening made me go eheheheheheh. Then the rest of it had more of a heeheeheehee vibe. Fantastic.


unmoogled moogle
Thank you so much for this! I remember seeing the images of Jigen winning the lottery and Goemon fighting a polar bear a while back so it's awesome to finally have context for those pages :loop_laugh:


TransJigen Truther
Ohhhh I've been wanting to read Y for so long, thank you for your hard work on this!