Year 2! February '24


Matcha-Coated Tanuki Mod
Hey all! It's been awhile! I'm gonna try to ease back into doing these, let's make it a bit easier and I'll say one prompt per month for now, and I'll change the board title to reflect that.

So on to the prompt!

Tell us an obscure fact about something you love that you think most people don’t know.

For mine, I'll share a bit about agriculture. Many people don't know that grocery store apple trees, peach trees etc are clones of the same trees. For example, every Fuji apple is from the same tree being carefully cloned, usually from a branch being attached to a genetically healthy rootstock that suits the needs of the farm.

So if you grow an apple from a Fuji apple seed it will grow a completely different (probably not as tasty) type of apple tree. The ones that taste very good are pretty rare occurrences so people have cloned the delicious ones, sometimes for hundreds of years!

So please share a fun fact about something you love, I can't wait to hear!


Anime Protagonist of Norn Iron
Finally a chance to run my mouth!

I love Digimon Data Squad and Digimon in general (and I think everyone whose dared talk to me for 2 minutes would know that) but with Data Squad, Bandai really tried rebooting the virtual pets with the Digimon IC/Data Link and Burst Lines of Digivice.

The Burst Digivice is very rare and expensive even if you try proxy sites to JP Mercari or Yahoo Auctions but there is a rarer item, one that isn't exactly seen much and I have only seen 1 single listing for this item on EBay and none on any Japanese thrift store or retailer site.

This is the DigiWindow, a sort of successor to the D-Terminal from Digimon Adventure 02, it was an item the character Thomas would use in the Data Squad anime and I'm proud to say, I actually own one which I bought for Junk on Yahoo Auctions (Cus apparently its getting battery leaks). Which honestly I dont mind. Also it's kinda obvious to see that Digivices and toys at the time feel like they were based on 2000s tech like the DS and IPod.
Its about as big as my 3DS XL