Which Lupin III character would make a good president?

Yeah I like politics!

oh you don't mean politics in fictional worlds? well then no..

but that begs a question, dear reader

What Lupin III character do you think would make a good president to lead America?

(my vote goes to Goemon)
I don't live in a country of presidents, but I honestly only would trust Zenigata for the role. I feel like he would really listen to people's needs.

I don't trust anybody in the Lupin gang to do a good job, especially Fujiko since I feel like she's just be like this: edit: wrong link

But I for one welcome our femme fatale overlord
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Are we talking about a good president or a "good" president?

If we're talking about the former, then Zenigata since he's the only main character that I can think of that will give a long term benefit. His determination to get things done, able to understand peoples problems including poverty (he knows about low wages and ramen diets), can make people happy somehow and least likely to be corrupt meaning that he'll be seen as a role model. Memes on the Internet of him dressed up as Superman and be the 5th president on Mount Rushmore. The world doesn't work like that though...

For the latter, Fujiko because simply she's a good liar and the most successful/remembered modern day politicians happen to be on the more corrupt side in most cases. She'll be able to please both sides of the US political spectrum in any way that she can, pleasing anyone from a student using the likes of Insta (or Tumblr) to the elderly. She'll be able to cosy up to various large tech and large scale companies for her advantage. If Part 2 is any indication, she'll be able to go as far as start a war but would make it that America isn't involved and show some evidence so she wouldn't lose voters. A few scandals will break out of course and just for the fact that she's the first female president would obviously mean that she'll be a target. Yet I can see her going as far as seducing the culprits for her gain. Knowing Lupin, he'll be her PR manager preventing stuff like Watergate, the Clinton affair or any large scale political scandal happening.

Also because of Fujiko's age, she'll be or looks young enough that she's an influence towards younger people in a way that's hard for any US president to be (because I'm sure that you have to be a certain age before you even begin to be on the ladder, even Zenigata would be considered a fairly "young" president).

Then again judging by the polls and what little I know of the US, Jigen would actually have a high chance being president because if the Geneon dub of Mamo is taken to canon, many traditional Americans would vote for him no matter what but will also have plenty of LGBT+ votes too. I can see his speech being "Huh? How am I a frigging president?".


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I mean, Jigen already has plenty of experience.