Week 20 - Your Calming Song


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This week I would love to hear about a song (or a couple of songs) that always mellow you out and help you relax. I'm a pretty anxious person so I would love to add a few new songs to enjoy!

I've got a few that change out but this one here always ALWAYS works and brings a lot of peace to my brain when I'm feeling stressed out!

I can't wait to hear what you guys share!


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Funnily enough, the one song that always calms me down and cheers me up without fail (that I can think of, anyway) is Rainbow Connection, specifically Yasuo Yamada's rendition of it.

The original is also really calming for me, but there's just something about Yamada's voice that gives it that extra oomph for me.
Sorry but I'm still stuck in good ol' 80's. And more sorry a couple is just not enough for someone like me that owns over 300 cd's along with over twice more vinyl records.

The Smiths - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (1984)

The Dream Academy - One Dream (1985)

Aztec Camera - Down the Dip (1983)

Felt - Candles in a Church (instrumental/ 1986)

Everything But The Girl - Don't Let the Teardrops Rust Your Shining Heart (1986)
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I'm an enormous chillhop and folk music fan so I live and breathe this vibe. It was hard to only pick one of each haha.........



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Some of the songs I use should be red flags because I'm just like dat. Also heres the playlists to Teen Beach Movie and Megamind OSTs because they both make me feel happy when down. Also some good old 1 hour mixes for ya that I use to study.

Megamind Playlist
Teen Beach Movie

theres something about Kyubey's theme (which is just a remix of the main theme) thats relaxing.
I'd love to explain why a song that plays in End of EVA is great at calming me down but theres like a 5 hour video essay on that probably
It feels climatic but also moving on
Nintendo Music playlist for studying
Persona music playlist for studying.
I usually listen to a lot of Lofi cover of Video game songs, since I'm really bad at going out of my way to listen to new music.
But Botw's music is really nice and calming, I even have the Rito Village theme as my ringtone.
Favorite is def both of the Riding themes:
I'll try and not talk about lupin for once

Sonic and SMT/persona probably have my favorites, Zelda has some good stuff too