Week 1 - What do you want to make in 2023?


McDonald's is cannon in the Lupin universe
I'd like to write more, finish up some WIPS, possibly figure out how to write a Zenigata Heiji X Lupin III crossover, and maybe try my hand at OC content.


unmoogled moogle
I'd love to just make more art in general, but specifically I'm hoping to really start doing more studies and improving at things I'm not as strong in. I'm also hoping to make some little Lupin keychains and sticker sheets!
Aside from digital art things I'm looking to take some classes locally and get back into studying some languages 😊


TransJigen Truther
This year is mad busy for me; I'll be boothing at TCAF, printing books, and getting married! I'm hoping after June I'll have more time to finish drawing the webcomic I do with @Octokracken "Alola, Darumaka", and finish my 50 page Lupin comic "The Curtain Falls"!


Writer for Topaz Comics
I have a lot of personal and professional projects I'm going to be completing this year, but a much smaller personal goal is write a 'what I did today' entry in my planner for the full year. I'm not great at journaling but I want to start keeping a record of the things I've done to help me remember them better.


国语配音 Collector
Tell us a bit about what you hope to make, build or grow in 2023?

It can be an art project, a group, a physical object, a skill, anything like that!

For myself, my goal was to build this forum into a safe and fun place! I'm so thankful to everyone who has helped me so far. I hope you all see lots of success and growth in 2023.
i wanna start writing my comic and animate more!!! also have a few big lupin iii illustrations i wanna execute hehe.


Very Cool and Good?
I want to figure out a better work-life balance than I've had, and maybe get back to practicing drawing and writing.


Zenigata Enthusiast™
I too want to improve in my drawing skills. I have so many ideas written down on my phone that I haven’t gotten around to drawing and I’d like to change that.

I also want to learn some new hobbies in general, I bought some supplies to make soap last year and I just need to buy a few more so I can actually start for real. I’d like to get back into playing video games as well, I’ve purchased so many games over the past few years and I’ve hardly played any of them.
What I NEED to do is write my thesis. What I WANT to do is make low poly models for the whole gang that actually look cute and animate well.


this year i really want to put myself out there and try something in a class setting that i've never done before! aiming for throwing pottery, but i also want to see what else i can find in my city to do that's different. i also want to make a lot more paintings and maybe even apply to some gallery shows! best of luck everyone with their goals!
a fun lil update on this post: i got into my first juried show at the propellor gallery in toronto for a pride show in june! if you're local to the area you should drop on by for the reception on june 22nd 5-9 pm, or from june 21st to july 9th or to see the pieces ;) this was a huge thing to happen for me and i'm so excited to be apart of such a fun show!