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Holy flying fuck that was so hilarious I didn't I was shocked that there was a music video for lupin lol for vocaloid lolalso I recommend the original song star fragments i also know rolling girl but
there is a lot of bad stuff in there


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I also dove headfirst into VOCALOID around 2009-2010. One of my favorite producers is OSTER PROJECT- her songs are very bubbly and have jazzy influences.

Miracle Paint

Love Ward

SeeU is a Korean Vocaloid who has a pretty good song "Alone" by Team. Hurihuri:
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A bit Vocaloid adjacent, but I just learned that the popular j-rock artist, Vaundy, who performed the second Ranking of Kings op and the first Chainsaw Man ed, used to cover vocaloid songs and upload them to NND when he was in high school.

I don't know why I'm so surprised, since more than a few j-rock/j-pop performers in their early 20s got started in the Vocaloid scene, but for whatever reason I didn't expect Vaundy to be in that group!