Spoilers Very mini Doctor who 60th Review

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guess what everyone!

my doctor who hyperactive is back on!

the 60th let's fucking go!

"The Star Beast"

Not a fantastic episode by any means, defo a rushed climax in my book but a damn fun ride all the same. that ending really felt like 60s Who all over again lmao "We could end up anywhere in time and space" holy shit they really butchered Rose's character though.
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I didn't mind the pronoun scenes ( I thought it was funny) but everything else was badly handled with her.

Beep the fucking meep I saw coming a mile away but legit best boi of the ep

looking forward to what RTD has in store cause that looks like a horror ep on the horizon?


she / they
My favorite thing about the Star Beast is that Beep the Meep originated from the 4th Doctor comics, which I collect, and so watching people react to Beep for the first time through livetweets was absolutely hilarious... and I accidentally spoiled(?) it for a friend because I gave him a dupe copy of that exact comic a couple months ago LMAO

Have you watched the second and third specials yet?? Because those were loads of fun!