Three Weeks Open Update & Group Activities to Highlight

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for making the forum so wonderful already! :lupdance: I’ve had a lot of fun seeing the discussions and art. I already feel like people have shared cool Lupin knowledge that I didn’t know

Now that Cat’s Eye has come out we’ll probably be waiting a bit for new Lupin (other than maybe a McDonalds commercial) so if you want some extra Lupin in your life to help the wait, a few of the folks on the forum have taken initiative to start some group activity ideas! You can press watch at the top of any of these threads to see replies in your notifications.

A weekly Lupin movie watching, graciously being hosted by Kenzie on Wednesday! Details in this thread.

Cyo has kindly offered to work on making a book club for reading the original Arsène Lupin stories. Keep your eyes out on this thread.

And, also Lupin related, this week Monday, Discotek has an announcement stream. Details in this thread.

And if anyone has an itch to make a few new Lupin emojis for the forum, animated or static, we will consider adding them, with credit to you. To help them not stretch the text too much, work between about 20-32 pixels tall/wide is good.

Thanks everyone for making the site such a fun place to visit so far!


TransJigen Truther
Thanks for the update Tsushi, and happy three weeks! I've been really enjoying being on a forum again, it's been such a breath of fresh air


Matcha-Coated Tanuki Mod
Thank you Jey! I have been really enjoying it too! I will try to make some announcements like this to help people find out about things without having to be too active on here haha one of the most refreshing aspects of a forum I think, is that it doesn’t require constant attention.