The gang as candy citizens (or just sweets if you are not into adventure time)

I am a huuuuuge adventure time fan and i love doing random crossovers of different stuff i love so I came up with this idea. Out of all elementals candy seems the most suitable for them, at least because the candy kingdom has both police and places to rob

So, Lupin feels like some kind of gummy rope, especially the way he moves if you get what I'm saying
Jigen totally would be black licorice (licorice haters dni/j)
Goemon..... I'm not so sure about goemon. Sugar cane? Brown sugar rock candy? He definitely would be some kind of hard candy in my opinion
Fujiko feels like those chocolate candies filled with liquor type of person in general, so i chose that
And Zenigata would be pound cake. It just has zenigata vibes in general
Lupin could never win the heart of PB even as a candy person, Also Goemon would totally be friends cinnamon bun.