The Databook Fanzine featuring pt.3 will be on sale!

Some of you guys know (or even own) about the databook fanzine featuring pt.2 posted here.
For those want to get a copy of pt.2 databook fanzine!
This time, it's pt.3. It'll be on sale starting on 4th May along with another fanzine consisting of short comics. It's made by the same team as the pt.2 detabook, The Fujiko Mine Costume Collection and The Lupin Outfit Collections.

So if you want a copy of this, visit their shop on BOOTH here, select what you want (the first listed is the deta file, second the comics), and click "Request Restock Notice Mail". If you think "hey it's still a few months away so I'll wait till it gets closer", you are wrong. They decide how many copies they reprint based on the request notice counts. So if you don't request, the chances are you may not be able to grab your copy. If you don't know how to buy things from Japan, one of our great adimns MystSaphyr has posted the tutorials here.