Swim On 9 Applications Open!


TransJigen Truther


Not Lupin related but in case folks are interested: Swim On is a yearly charity zine dedicated to shark preservation. All proceeds the zine makes go directly to finfree.org
I've been running this zine every year since 2015 and it's always so fun to work on! It's also got it's own tumblr if y'all are there, give it a follow!

The zine will go up on https://topazcomics.com/swimon for $1+ (pay what you can)
All Swim On zines can be found at https://topazcomics.com/swimon/downloads

All artists at any skill level are welcome to apply!
Everyone who applies will receive an email, so be sure to whitelist swimon@topazcomics.com

Any information in this application can be found at topazcomics.com/swimon

Submission Guidelines
- Your piece must be 6”x9” (1800x2700px) at 300dpi JPG or PNG in RGB
- There is no theme the zine, just sharks!
- A shark must be the focus of the piece (humans & other animals are allowed to be present)
- You must submit a full completed piece, no rough sketches, or blank white backgrounds will be accepted
- Comics, traditional and digital artwork are all accepted
- You are welcome to submit more than one piece
- Only new pieces will be accepted, please do not submit a piece that you have made previously
- Lesser known species are encouraged!
- For species examples check out this site
- No anthropomorphic, half-human or prehistoric sharks
- Absolutely no AI art will be permitted
- No nsfw content (including gore, death, blood – this is a G-rated zine)

You will need to provide 1 url to showcase your work. This can be a tumblr, twitter, instagram, google drive, etc.
- Make sure your work is easily accessible and easy to find on your website of choice
- Showcase that you can finish a full illustration or comic page
- You can change your credit name or url after the rough pdf is sent out
- You will receive a copy of the application after you apply, if you did not receive it please email swimon@topazcomics.com
- This zine’s communication is through email only, there will not be a discord.

May 5 –
Call for artists opens
May 19 – Call for artists closes
May 27 – Artists Announced
July 14 – Submissions are DUE
July 28 – Rough PDF is sent to artists/adjustments made
August 4 – Zine goes live
September 4 – Artists can post their full pieces publicly
September 30 – All proceeds donated to finfree.org

If you have any questions about the zine, applying or submitting you can contact me at: swimon@topazcomics.com or comment below!


TransJigen Truther

I really love running this zine every year, it's one of those things where I feel like I'm making some sort of change. While running this zine I've donated $2,710.33 to shark conservation since 2015, and I hope to continue doing it for as long as I can!


Bearded Angel
This is absolutely wonderful Jey and another good example of just how much you care about the people and the world around you. Bummed I knew I couldn't commit this year, but I hope I can next time. Keep being awesome, my dude!