Swim On 10 Applications are OPEN!


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Not Lupin related but in case folks are interested: Swim On is a yearly charity zine dedicated to shark preservation. All proceeds the zine makes go directly to finfree.org and this will be the final zine! After ten volumes I decided this was a good number to stop on so I want to it to go out with a BANG!

The zine will go up on https://topazcomics.com/swimon for $1+ (pay what you can)
All Swim On zines can be found at https://topazcomics.com/swimon/downloads
All artists at any skill level are welcome to apply!
Everyone who applies will receive an email, so be sure to whitelist swimon@topazcomics.com
Any information in this application can be found at topazcomics.com/swimon

Submission Guidelines
  • Your piece must be 6”x9” (1800x2700px) at 300dpi JPG or PNG in RGB
  • There is no theme the zine, just sharks!
  • A shark must be the focus of the piece (humans & other animals are allowed to be present)
  • You must submit a full completed piece, no rough sketches, or blank white backgrounds will be accepted
  • Comics, traditional and digital artwork are all accepted
  • You are welcome to submit more than one piece
  • Only new pieces will be accepted, please do not submit a piece that you have made previously
  • Lesser known species are encouraged!
  • For species examples check out this site
  • No anthropomorphic, half-human, or prehistoric sharks
  • Absolutely no AI art will be permitted
  • No nsfw content (including gore, death, blood – this is a G-rated zine)
You will need to provide 1 url to showcase your work. This can be a tumblr, twitter, instagram, google drive, etc.
  • Make sure your work is easily accessible and easy to find on your website of choice
  • Showcase that you can finish a full illustration or comic page
  • You can change your credit name or url after the rough pdf is sent out
  • You will receive a copy of the application after you apply, if you did not receive it please email swimon@topazcomics.com
  • This zine’s communication is through email only, there will not be a discord
May 10 –
Call for artists opens
May 24 – Call for artists closes
May 31 – Artists Announced
July 12 – Submissions are DUE
July 26 – Rough PDF is sent to artists/adjustments made
August 2 – Zine goes live
September 2 – Artists can post their full pieces publicly
September 30 – All proceeds donated to finfree.org

If you have any questions about the zine check out the FAQ, reply to this post or you can contact me at: swimon@topazcomics.com