News Part 2 music tracks re-releasing on vinyl!

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Our RSS feed keeps falling on its arse - so I figured I would start posting more here manually. I hope that's fine with you, @MystSaphyr!

Select tracks from three classic Lupin III: Part 2 OST's are being re-released in Japan, on vinyl record!

The limited time release will feature twenty-one tracks in total, across two double sided discs. It will cost 12,100 JPY, and is due to hit shelves on March 24th, 2023.

Buyers in Japan can pre-order the album by visiting the Spice store here. A release for non-Japanese speaking territories has not been announced at time of writing - although, those desperate to own the music on analog format may be able to turn to import websites such as CD Japan, once the item has been listed.



Matcha-Coated Tanuki Mod
Oh noooo I want it!!!! Ah but that's gonna be crazy expensive lol maybe I'll have to hope for the most epic future find in a second hand store.