Mouse's art

I finally decided to post my art!
It's traditional until i finally change my computer ... One day...
Usually i'm not into fanart and prefer to do my own stuff but lupin iii is the exception \_:)_/
I will mostly do sketches because i don't have time to do full pieces but there will be some piece if i can ^^
Today i did a silly drawing of lupin and goemon today because i had an Epiphanie on why lupgoe is good (gosh i love part 1) so enjoy =)


I will post more art later, still learning how to do it, hope you like it ^^



Lupin and Goemon should kiss
rare lupgoe fan?! i thought i'd never see the day
but for real they look so cute! nice art :)
Awww thanks ^^
You know i'm really not a lupgoe fan, i really like jiglup and the whole polygang shenanigans, i mostly love goemon's dynamic with fujiko and i see potential with jigen but with lupin ? I love their team dynamic but mostly want to see more of them together, there's not enough!
So it's all because i decided to rewatch part 1 yesterday and catch on their ... Potential let's say xD
(So now i'm a lupgoe fan??? Ok maybe i am)

Oh you know what i'm on a trend, let's do it, more goemon!

Bonus : lupin in awe (i can't believe it's from a real scene of the anime, i swear it i can prove it with bad pictures of my TV xD this dude got it bad)
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i looooove how you use marker (i think it's marker?) it looks soooooo cool with the pen and your awesome style!!
Awwww thank you so much it means a lot from you, i also really love what you're doing #^____^# (your fic is the best thing i have ever witness happening and the great AND silly illustrations ??? Even better)

To answer your question, i mostly use my markers or colour pencils for the silly little sketches. When i'm drawing an illustration seriously, i use watercolour, ink or gouache or a bit if everything, it's up to my feels i guess ^^


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Wow I love all of these! I hope you share more in the future, it's so fun to see traditional art, that JigLup one is darling!