Mankatsu Russian Dub

For those unaware, Mankatsu is a 2004 anime that adapts various other Monkey Punch stories, it's definetly one of the best MP adaptations and you should check it out if you haven't already!
So i was browsing the Mankatsu page on the Lupin wiki when i found this:
I got curious and skeptical about the "It also received a Russian dub" part, especially since the wiki doesn't provide any sources and i've never seen this dub mentioned anywhere else. But after a few minutes of searching "Манкацу" and a few russian anime sites later, i've found the dub and can confirm that it's legit!
The dub apparently aired on a channel called "2x2", here's a few screenshots from it:

Now i'm not sure if it's allowed for me to share the link of the site here, but i can DM it if anybody is interested. I would also love to know if anybody has more information on this dub, never even knew that Mankatsu was dubbed in any other language before finding this!