Lupin Weekly Art Prompt: January 29, 2024


TransJigen Truther
It's Monday so that means a new art prompt! I'm going to try and give equal focus to all of the characters for these, so let's draw Goemon this week.

Feel free to do the prompt at your leisure any time and pop your pieces into the discussion below ⬇️

This week's prompt is: Goemon deals with noisy neighbors


Hardyman der Furchtlose
So .... I had two choises, either I draw Lupin and Jigen having to Hold back Goemon from cutting the neighbors in half, OR a Squidward Meme.

Just Imagine, a regular Lupin EP, something happens and we see Goemon lying in Bed trying to sleep while looking like he is in pain. ... Don't know why but I find the Idea really funny.

OH! I was so worried nobody would draw anything with Goe, I made a silly doodle comic of my own, but I see I'm not the only one after all, good :)
I wanted to draw something unexpected and cute, so... :)

You are totally, absolutely, certainly, definitely wrong! I don't see anything silly in your comic. I almost got tears in my eyes 'cause it's just so very sweet. Like I've told you quite a few times, you understand our man so well. :love:
I posted mine here because while it's not blatantly nsfw the subject matter and mental images it evokes certainly are lol.

i have a more tame one in mind too lol