Lupin Weekly Art Prompt: April 8, 2024


TransJigen Truther
Happy eclipse day! I got to see it today and it was really awe-inspiring, and it did actually get dark out. So I thought it'd be a fun prompt!

This week's prompt is: What crime would the gang do during a total eclipse?

Feel free to do the prompt at your leisure any time and post your pieces into the discussion below ⬇️
"It's the perfect moment!" Lupin crowed. "At night, the jewel vault is closed and sealed, and during the day the security system is electrified with solar power--but during the moment of the total eclipse the jewel vault is completely unprotected. All the staff will be up on the roof or out in the street admiring the view. Goemon cuts the glass. You and I vacuum up the jewels. Fujiko drives the truck! Completely foolproof."

Jigen barked a laugh. "If you consider Fujiko driving away with all the jewels and without us foolproof."

no fun allowed, pops! no calling cards for petty crimes hahahaha


Hardyman der Furchtlose
Catching up to the Art Prompt part 2:
So, we all know that Lupin got up to a lot of wild shit in his history on the small and big screens.
So, here is my pitch for a Eclipse Special
"Lupin steals the Sun!"
Come on, we all know it will happen sooner or later, so why not do it before TMS!

Man, remember when the Eclipse happend?
Yeah me neither, cause we didn't have one here in Germany.


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