lupin III political compass meme


Hurr de Durr I have lupin brain rot
Just so your aware:
zenigata would be authortarian right mainly by profession alone, he likes the da rulez.
Jigen is authortarian left, possible classical liberal to commie given he literal shat on the usa in mystery of mamo, and asked "what is so great about the united states?" to a woman who was trying to flee soviet russia.
Lupin is libertarian left, I think mostly because he likes to be relatable, but also because he's half french, he doesn't want complete governmental control of stuff, he just wants people taken care off, and to steal stuff.
fujiko, yeah hard libertarian right I can totally see her either attempting to build or live in an-capistan just so she can easily steal from and trick more rich men out of their hard own dollars. fujiko is probably unbridled anarcho-capitialism incarnate.
goemon is centerist probably because he's too busy following the bushido code to give 2 fucks about worldy things like politics