Lupin III - Lost Treasure by the Sea (GameCube) [translator needed ;) ]

Hello all, just found these cool forums and thought I'd share a little something some people and I are working on.
The only visual novel for GameCube, Lupin III: Lost Treasure by the Sea, is finally getting a proper English translation by DOL Translations! Our team for this game right now consists of Radiant (text editing & proofread), aldi_09 (graphics), and me, mostly all-around miscellaneous stuff and code. For translators, Bingokemsi & Cindi translated Chapter 1 and Jebbi translated Chapters 2-5.

We currently only have Chapters 1-5 done, and there are no translators currently working on the project, so if you know some Japanese and want to help, we'd love to have you :)

If you'd like to check it out an xdelta patch is attached below (you gotta provide your own rom of course) or you can manually patch the game using the GitHub repository:

This translation is very early so while a good bit of the game is playable, the dialogue isn't currently 10/10, and the plan is me & Radiant will work on the dialogue improvement soon but if anyone else likes writing feel free to work on it as well. One of the primary reasons why I am sharing this patch is to get the word out and let people know that this is in the works. I do recommend waiting till the fixed text before actually really getting into it, however.





  • Lupin III Umi ni Kieta Hihou Translation v0.1.0
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TransJigen Truther
This is so cool, I had actually just looked into this fan translation last night without knowing you posted about it here! Please keep us updated on the progress of the project, I'd love to play the game and support the translation for it.