News "Lupin III: Invitation from Zenigata" pachinko slot machine announced!

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He / Him

A new pachinko slot machine has been announced for Japan by company Heiwa, and it features the whole Lupin gang fighting against their long-time adversary, Inspector Zenigata!

Invitation from Zenigata (ルパン三世 銭形からの招待状) will be receiving a slow roll-out across Japan in celebration of the shows 25th anniversary of partnering up with slot manufacturer Heiwa. As always, it includes unique animation of the gang, this time modelled off of the red jacket TV specials from the late 2000s, including 2010s The Last Job. It also includes some scenes showcasing 3DCG character models, allowing for some dramatic 360-degree camera spins.

You can view the official website here, which also contains a .PDF listing all of the machine’s special features, viewable here.

As always, pachinko slots are gambling machines, and you should know your limits. Be gambling aware, and play for fun, not for profit.
I love me some new Zenigata contents in form of pachinko machine scenes/reaches (almost unironically). I hope he looks badass!