Lupin III/Highlander crossover idea, please give your thoughts.

Lupin III/Highlander:
For Arsene Lupin III, keeping secrets was just part of his daily life. Sure Jigen, Goemon, and even Fujiko would complain about this, especially during the times when he had to fake his death without their knowledge, but for the most part his crew seemed to accept that it was just part and parcel of working with the descendent of the original Gentleman Thief.

Of course one secret he hoped wouldn't get out was that he wasn't exactly a "descendent" of the original Arsene Lupin...more like he was the original cosplaying as his own descendent. It wasn't easy keeping this under wraps, even for him, but he somehow managed to keep his identity as an immortal secret ever since his first "death" shortly after his son Jean was born...and no longer being able to reproduce was one hell of a surprise, (if not an entirely unwelcome one considering his hardships with the children he already had before).

Well that and the whole nature of "The Game", which lead to the occasional duel and subsequent beheading of an Immortal or two by his hands...but he had managed to put down his old sword cane and reinvent himself (he would sometimes chuckle thinking about how people like LeBlanc, Grognard, or Inspector Gamiard would possibly react seeing his current antics), his status as retired from the game long accepted by the other Immortals. These days all he had to worry about was the next heist, whether or not Fujiko would betray him on said heist, if he could get Jigen or Goemon to go along ect, ect...

At least until one night when he suddenly blacks out and subsequently wakes up moments later with his crew looking over him in shock...with him in a puddle of blood that looks like to be his and oh yes there is a bullet hole just behind where his head was a moment ago...

The fact that a certain buzz was going through his head at that moment did not help the growing pit in his stomach...

I can't help but wonder how the rest of Lupin's crew would react to this knowledge. Fujiko has been seen in several incarnations of the franchise to want eternal youth and beauty ("Mystery of Mamo" chief among them) and more importantly wants Lupin to share in it...only now she finds out that he apparently had the secret this whole time and refused to tell her. Sure it's not something that can be shared but considering that in some cases she was willing to die with him (see Lupin part 2 episode 19) it would be a massive betrayal to her.

Same with Goemon and Jigen who would be even more upset that Lupin faked his death multiple times without informing them...only to now appear to not have needed to do so in the first place!

Of course Lupin would be scrambling to inform them that he had to keep it a secret (even if he admits to himself that with his lifestyle there was a good chance of exposure) would he even begin to explain the nature of Immortals like himself (and not in the usual dramatic way of outliving those you care or tyring to pass the time as the years go on...even though those are issues too). And of course he would be nervous about the fact an Immortal is literally gunning for his head now despite his 'retirement' from the Game.

Speaking of which who would be the villian here. My money is on Josephine Balsamo from the original Arsene Lupin stories. There she was, among other things, a lover of Arsene Lupin and a self-proclaimed immortal her self. In the stories those claims of immortality were dismissed by the Gentleman Thief as a ruse, but weren't outright disproven, and she had claimed her immortality was due to an alchemical potion...but the original stories were written in-universe as Maurice Leblanc writing down stories told to him by Lupin. Whose to say that Lupin didn't tell Leblanc the entire truth?

It would also amuse me if an immortal ran into the group... and momentarly assumed Goemon was the immortal based on his dress and personality.

As far as I know of the Highlander franchise, Immortals do have some difficultly identifying each other at times. Though being alone with Goemon without Lupin or another immortal around would clear that up. Off course Immortals aren't that blatant in their dress to begin with.

That I bet the Immortals would do a double take at the realization...and some feeling annoance at how they often have to go to great lengths to fit in with the current fashion and hide their swords...and then there's this otaku!

On another note I came across this site summarizing the original Lupin stories in chronological order:
January-April - The "813" saga continues. Back in France, Lupin finally defeats Marcheich. (Or has he?) Devored by megalomaniacal ambition, he uses his own daughter, Geneviève, to further his plans, aginst Victoire's wishes. He hopes to marry her to Pierre Leduc, the heir to the Duchy of Deux-Ponts-Valdenz. But Lupin's scheme eventually collapses: instead, Leduc falls in love with Dolores Kesselbach, whom Lupin also loves. Tragedy ensues, resulting in the deaths of both Dolores and Leduc, and the permanent alienation of Genevieve. A thoroughly deprssed Lupin fakes his own death and disappears (813).

June - As a coda, Lupin meets with the Kaiser again in Italy; then, intent on killing himself, he throws himself off a cliff and into the Mediterranean. But he survives, and decides to join the French Foreign Legion, as "Don Luis Perenna" (813).

If that doesn't scream "First Death" I don't know what does. Yeah this should be when Arsene Lupin becomes immortal here. No longer to escape his guilt...


Hurr de Durr I have lupin brain rot
so does lupin get beheaded? because that how they killed immortals in highlander. and idk lupin literally rejected mamo's offer of immortality. Him suddenly becoming immortal; even in a fanfic scenario doesn't match his character. it could work if lupin was suddenly forced to become immortal, and maybe sees the game in highlander as a potential out, it would work if you made him also more nihilistic because of the immortality, like lupin iii is the type of person to have a kink for risks and danger, anything short of beheading would take away some of the thrill of going through dangerous scenarios therefore making him give less fucks about his own life. after all if you got nothing but time on your side, and the only means of ending you is a method very few in the modern would choose, you will be bored and maybe depressed. making lupin immortal requires taking away key component of what makes life worth living to lupin. its crucial if you want to make it work that you reflect the change in personality maybe show escalating situations where lupin tries to chase that high and finding nothing but disappointment. this should be given his characterization treated as a negative change.
maybe you could also not give the reader the info up front maybe drip feed hints in the form of flashbacks, just like the movie told the protags background. like start with a happy lupin for a few chapters then switch up to immortal nihilistic lupin with out warning, then you start dropping hints until the climax of the story.
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Should feature that time-traveling Mamo to screw things up for both Lupin and the Highlanders. Also, what's stronger: a Highlander sword or Goemon's zantetsuken?