Lupin comics/manga collection!

I must admit I have a huge thing for original Lupin comics or mangas! I started collecting them a while ago, and here's what I got so far!

Does anyone else collect some of these? I would love to see your collection hehe, please feel free to share it here!

English Tokyopop Lupin mangas! I was only able to find 3 of them so far, but who knows what I'll find in the future!

Italian Lupin III Millenium Comics! Got all of them at once from an Italian seller :D I think there's only one missing for the collection to be complete :kar_jigen:

Japanese Zenigata Keibu mangas! Only got 4 of them for now huhu

Togekinoko's Lupin III T manga! My pride and joy, I'm so glad I have one of them in my collection :D

Shin Lupin III Japanese manga! Found them pretty recently, and was flabbergasted with how HUGE they are! Hope I get to find volume 1 and 4 one day :kar_jigen:20230127_170601.jpg


Matcha-Coated Tanuki Mod
These are SO COOL! I hope someday to visit used bookstores in Japan to find things like these and have a lot more Lupin books :kar_lup:
Great collection, especially the Zenigata manga. I used to collect random Japanese Lupin manga as well when my love for the franchise was at its heighest. There's a really nice Jigen & Fujiko team-up story in one of them, maybe Lupin III B.

It's too bad there wasn't a tie-in manga for Part 5 like there was for Part 4 because I'd have bought that in a heartbeat.
WAAAAH So cool!!! How did you find all of them if I may ask? Do you use ebay or something like that?
Yeah! I gathered them very slowly over several years through ebay and amazon. I probably got absolutely fleeced on some of them (i think I paid something like 800 bucks for one of them) but I really wanted the whole run. Im just said they never finished publishing worlds most wanted. :loop_sad: