Lupin Art Prompt: Week 8


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Happy Wednesday! Hope you all are doing well 💕

Next week I'd like to start up a themed month of prompts, with the first month being a Redraw Month! If you're interested, maybe start gathering some screenshots from your favorite parts, movies, and manga panels 🙌

This week's prompt is: Jigen makes a depression meal 🍕
Additionally, if you'd like, try to use a lineless art style (some examples can be found here!)

There's no required length or completion level, and no hard time limit, just do as much as you want and then share it in the replies when you're done!

Happy creating!

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I forgot the lineless art style but thanks to my friends, i found the most disgusting confort food ever (that obviously lupin want)
Dialogues are in french because i had the idea in french (and also i have no idea how you translate "saucisson" in english tbh) but i will translate most of it.
Lupin "a Nutella AND saucisson sandwich? Jigen have some self-respect!"
Jigen "no need to ask me, you can't have it!"
Lupin "I thought we were PARTNERS!!!"