Lupin 111 Boxed Mercedes-Benz

Hi all. I am based in the UK and had never even heard of Lupin 111

I got this model from an elderly gent as part of a collection I bought. Just wondered if anyone would be interested in buying?

A quick search on ebay USA shows an original being offered at $1000?? Is it really worth around that?

Popy PB-62 Lupin the III Mercedes Benz SSK 1927 Red Lupin Sp. Machine complete with car/Figure and mini catalouge.

Appearance work: Lupine the III

Features: Chogokin series (die-cast) vintage goods.

Overall length about 17 cm, Overall width about 7 cm, about 1/24 scale

Box a bit worn but everything else in Excellent condition.

Any additional information would be appreciated too. Thanks


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