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I tend to cook a lot, so I want to post some photos of some of my better dishes I've made, and probably post more here when I have more things that are photo-worthy.

Tofu Parm.jpg
This is Tofu Parmesan, breaded tofu over spaghetti topped with parmesan and mozzarella. Fun fact, I am highly and almost deathly allergic to tomato, that sauce is actually my own recipe for a very close to tomato, tomato-free sauce, made primarily using roasted bell peppers. Most people tell me it tastes 1 to 1.
Chicken Teriyaki and mixed salad.jpg
This is teriyaki glazed chicken breasts with a mixed lettuce salad with a coconut vinaigrette and a side of rice.
Chicken thighs and mixed root veg over mashed potatoes.jpg
This was super rich, but really good, it was chicken thighs carrots and onions stew in a very rich gravy served over pommes puree (really smooth mashed potatoes with a lot of butter).
Hiyashi Chuka.jpg
This is Hiyashi Chuka, a cold summer ramen. It's ramen with a delicious sauce served over it, and topped with (in my case) kinshi tamago (shredded egg crepes), ham, cucumbers, imitation crab, and mung beans.
This is the most recent of these, I made this a few weeks ago, this is a vegetarian borscht (no tomatoes) topped with a fresh grated horseradish sour cream and fresh dill.

I will probably post more soon! I just wanted to share some things


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These dishes are all sooo delicious looking! Also if you want to share your pepper for tomato sauce recipe I would love to hear it!


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If you want to share your pepper for tomato sauce recipe I would love to hear it!

Preheat your oven to 350°F/175°C
Half and seed 4 to 5 red bell peppers, oil and salt them, then place them on a foil-lined sheet and roast for 40 min to an hour.
After roasting, transfer peppers to a saucepan. Sautee in their own juices (dry no added oil) for around five minutes; then introduce a cup of broth, a cup of red wine, and add herb (Use whatever you like, I like red pepper flakes, garlic, parsley and nutmeg, I just eye this).
Simmer for 20 minutes, blend with an immersion blender, add a cup of whole-fat milk (goat's milk is better for this sauce, but cow's milk is good too), then simmer for an hour or desired thickness.

If you're vegan or lactose-intolerant and don't want to use the milk, then do not substitute it with a non-dairy milk, it will simply not cook or taste right. If you need to remove the milk, simply replace it with more broth, it will still be good, but it is better with the milk.
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