Interviews and information by people who worked on the anime

@Giovanni has started a great thread full of links to interviews in which Monkey Punch talks about Lupin. I thought it would be a nice idea to start a similar thread for the various people who've worked on the anime adaptation over the years. Directors, animators, writers, voice actors etc. There are a lot of these interviews around, so everyone can add links, and any language is fine! Maybe we can help each other understand them if they aren't in English. Feel free to talk about the content in any of them if you learn something cool. Here are some I've enjoyed:

Yasuo Otsuka interview from 2003 (English)

Yasuo Otsuka and Hayao Miyazaki from 1981 (English) - I keep forgetting that Miyazaki headcanons Lupin as Italian

Tomokazu Sakamoto and Tatsuya Akagi on the CGI in The First (English)

Kenjiro Tsuda on Albert in Part 5 and Part 6 (English) - I commissioned my friend to translate these for me as a treat, so that's why they're on my blog


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This is a wonderful collection! I hope folks share more, these are so cool to have as reference.

I know VegetableSaute on Twitter will sometimes share info about the commentary tracks on things but it's usually very brief summaries and not collected in any formal way. That kind of thing would be so much work to transcribe and then translate, so I understand why it would be unlikely anyone will want to do all that. But even just brief summaries were nice to have!
I have a Mamoru Oshii interview about Angel's Egg where he mentions some ideas from his cancelled Lupin movie.
As well as an untranslated interview from The Lupin III Files book. From a machine translation, it's about his thoughts on the series and more ideas on the cancelled movie. He likes Lupin, Jigen and Fujiko and doesn't care for Zenigata and Goemon (now we know why they weren't in his Part 6 episodes)
I'll look for the source of the interview later but found this pretty interesting one with Soji Yoshikawa talking about his work on Mystery of Mamo and Armored Trooper Votoms.
Source for the full interview.
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Found this 30 min italian documentary that features various interviews with MP/crew from Part 4, including a brief look in MP's and TMS's offices.
Might be a mistranslation on my end but apparently there's a longer(?) version of the documentary, but i can't find it anywhere.
I've bookmarked the original video for this for a couple of years and today I did subs for a friend as it was her birthday weekend.
This was a TV show featuring Yasuo Yamada - the original VA for Lupin - which was aired back in 2010, 15 years after his death. I hope you guys enjoy this.
(This was my 2nd attempt at making subs so syncing isn't perfect. And don't blame me for my English as I'm all self-taught. I've never even stayed overseas for any longer than 2 weeks.)