I found him...

After all these years

I have walked through and back the eternity of the lupin rabbit hole
I thought I could never find my version...

"Mi lupina"

a lupin I could call my own and have no objections towards in his design.

I had cold feet at first, I will not deny my shear pain in thinking that it was too good to be true that I was simply stalling the addible time to my death for a design I could call MY LUPIN.

I was sitting up GitHub (I passed the year by the way) and wanting a new pfp, something I could look at and be proud to call myself a lupin fanatic?

"Prison of the past" this twas to be my fate? until the end of time?

A good design but something I feel no love for anymore?

a voice came to me..

"Hooder my son. I have a gift for you"

It was like seeing heaven itself, is this what people call..


Ladies, gentleman, and many other respected genders may you be.

I give you..


Lupin designs AKA the best fucking desgin for my monkey boi

Create a Lupin the 3rd Character Designs Tier List - TierMaker - Google Chrome 25_11_2023 3_15...png


Hurr de Durr I have lupin brain rot
maybe because my taste is racoon trash cat tier but this is my favorite lupin III design moment:
i think this really bring across how insane Lupin III can get. this the face of a man who would burn your house down, raze your crops to the ground, shoot your dog, and then fuck your wife.
also maybe because I imagine him in my ai roleplays as yandere(don't judge me I just like subjecting myself to yanderes in ai roleplay):
10/10 this stare is about explicit as any fan service out there, then again I have weird tastes in attractiveness. Like who ever did this art really got across the wicked crook like aspect of lupin. and most women are attracted to bad boys.