Name: Mint (preferred, but my full username or just Spectre is fine too!)
Age: 19
Pronouns: he/him
Timezone: EST
How did you get into Lupin?: Of all things, this YTP!
What do you like to do in your free time?: I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing games, or watching shows... and the occasional nerdy rambling about my interests xD
Do you have any pets?: Yep! I have a tortoise-shell named Clementine, a calico (?) named Darla, and a spicy orange kitty named Muffin!
Any Other Fandoms?: Too many to count! I'm in a lot of really obscure or just plain small fandoms normally, but there's a few larger ones I'm active in too. Most dominantly, aside from Lupin III, I'm in the fandoms for Sgt. Frog, Ratatan / Patapon, Klonoa, Puyo Puyo, Bug Fables, Spiral Knights, Tetris, and Castlevania.... not to mention the countless shows and games that have a near non-existent fandom in the US that I enjoy for some reason. Needless to say, I'm a little all over the place.
External Links/Accounts: Speaking of all over the place, you can find me just about anywhere under my alias, save for my main Tumblr which is SpectreOverflow. I have a Tumblr named Spectremint but it's a WIP account for the art I do.
Languages: English is my first language, but I have an interest in and am studying Japanese and French (the latter through my university)!

I'm relatively new to Lupin III as a whole, but it's quickly become one of, if not my favorite anime series, and I'm all for hearing advice on what to watch! Most of what I've watched is Pt. 2, and I haven't seen any of the movies (although the Detective Conan one piques my curiousity). I have a lot of watching to do 😵‍💫

P.S. If there's any prominent Discord servers for this forum or simply just fandom-wide ones that people here use, please let me know! I'm extremely active on Discord (maybe a little too much).


Matcha-Coated Tanuki Mod
How did you get into Lupin?: Of all things, this YTP!
This is a great reason to get into Lupin! I'll tell Ellie (the artist who made it) that she got someone into it, I'm sure she'd be thrilled 😁 welcome to the forum!

I would say maybe make a thread asking about Lupin discords, because I don't use Discord as much, and don't know a big group one but I would hope someone else does know.