Hi. Would you like to discuss a little known indie series called pokemon


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I was A HUGE Pokemon fan as a child - first generation was my jam - I don't know how many times I completed my red version. I am not entirely sure how I completed it at all, since I had an english copy and at 9 I bearly knew a few words, but that didn't stop me or 2 of my friends from enjoying the game (each of us had a different version so we "specialised" in that specific game - we played so much we had it memorised XD) I think we got like 90% of the context from the cartoon :p
Apart from the game I had a quite extensive collection of various early merch - I remember having little plushes of all 3 starters and early pikachu plush in his chubby glory amoung others little figurines and models :D I also collected trading cards (all kids did back then XD) but I never played because the instructions for the game were in english too and my parents couldn't figure them out for me XD
At some point I got my hands on the covetted Pokedex toy - it was a working model of the one from the cartoon but had game pokedex data divided in several cateories, along with a pixelated picture of the pokemon. I think there may be some simple games but I may be remembering wrong.
I got to play the second generation as well but all the later generations vere for the consoles I didn't have so I moved on to different things after a while. I had fun quite a while later when pokemon go was released and now I ocassionally play pokemon lets go pikachu (gen 1 nostalgia has me gripped although I am sad that the best glithes and exploit are no longer there :p)


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My first video game I ever played was Pokemon Crystal, and it still remains my favourite, I've played 2nd Gen the most out of any of the generations probably. Right now related to that, I'm using my most recent Crystal save to play through Pokemon Stadium 2, I've almost entered hard mode but I'm currently stuck on the Masterball cup just because it's a gauntlet, I've gotten close to beating it on the last match but never succeeded.
This is my room in Crystal as seen in Stadium 2 View attachment 1010
I'd say in order, my favourite generations are 2/5 tied for first, then 3, 4, 6, 1, 9, 8, 7
I still think the series peaked at the fifth gen games, they really haven't matched that balance of good gameplay and story since.
Ahh Crystal is also my first Pokemon game! I played a bit of Sapphire and most of Diamond. After that, I didn't get new games and my console never upgraded from a DS lite until I got a Switch.
I keep holding onto the hope that they'll bring Kris back into a mainline game as a cameo like Red. I think she has a cool design and it's sad that she wasn't even featured in the remakes.

I really enjoy Johto's asthetics and atmosphere. I never played HGSS but I really wish I could! It's just very expensive ;;;.
But there is something about the originals that capture a certain atmosphere- the OST is very haunting and it's strangely melancholy too.

I wish Pokemon games going forward would stylistically push the envelope (or at the very least, lean into Ken Sugimori's style). Maybe trying a 2D animation angle to cutscenes and battle animations? Maybe cel-shading the pokemon? I'm not sure, but at the moment, it's not very interesting to look at. Maybe even go for a look like Pokemon Masters EX.