Name: Reset
Age: 19
Pronouns: they/them
Timezone: PST
How did you get into Lupin?
I had heard about Cagliostro from being a big fan of Ghibli films but had sorta avoided it like the plague because I as an ace person was scared to interact with something that could be as a lot of the Lupin series is. So my first actual interaction was the crossover movie (not the tv special) catching it in the late hours at anime con seeing that it was Detective Conan. I couldn’t deny the charm that the characters had so I acquiesced and finally gave Cagliostro a try and it’s still one of my favorites and very shortly after the First which is another one of my favs. Going to try and end this here so I don’t bore you all too much, took me a few months to work up the courage to watch the actual series and I’m glad I did because I’ve ironically despite the crude humor quite loved it, with the only thing I still haven’t watched being the Fujiko spin off and movie, and I don’t think I will sorry!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to cosplay, if you’ve seen me around, which some of you have I recognize some of ya, and when it comes to this fandom I pretty much exclusively cosplay Goemon, and since it has a tie in, I’m going on nearly six years of cosplaying Kaito Kid XD I’ve made jokes of wearing the cosplay to Lupin meetups but I haven’t done so yet.

Other than that I do play a lot of video games, some of the newer ones being Stardew Valley, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Tavern Talk. I love to dance, and if you ever see a video of a cosplayer giving Goemon an idol arc it might be me (look he’s already been to a convention and walked in a fashion show, it could happen I don’t know). I do a little bit of everything honestly.

Do you have any pets?

I have 1 dog!

Any Other Fandoms?

Oof a lot, I’ll put the notable ones here. I’m in and out with the Detective Conan fandom (I really don’t know many places where they meet up anymore, and I don’t love it as much), Professor Layton is always a fun one, vaguelyyy Genshin Impact. Ensemble Stars (for those who play im sure you know my fav), Love Live, and Project Sekai are my idol stuff andddd I’m a dnd nerd so sometimes I’m following stuff from there (I love Vox Machina but since I can only watch the animated series I don’t interact too much with the fandom). And Good Omens. I’ll leave it off on that.

External Links/Accounts:

You can find me basically as BlueResetti on all socials if ya wanna find me, but I’ll put my insta here.

1st Language:


It’s lovely to meet you all! I’m not always on these sorts of things because they sort of intimidate me. Bai bai for now!


The World's 5th Shortest Jigen

Welcome to the club, BlueResetti! 🤗 It's wonderful to see another Lupintok cosplayer on here. You've heard me tell you before, but your cosplays are incredible--- especially your Goemon.