Hands of Fate [Working title]

Helllloooo, everyone! This is my first thread here and it's to figure out what characters are the most embodiment of for my fic: Hands of Fate! The story hasn't been made yet but there's an outline in the works 💪

For now, I'll be working on the story in my free time since I'm super motivated regarding this! I'm also chill with sharing spoilers on here since the story is still in the works here, haha 😄

Basically, in the end of the story it can either go this way of where all of the gang lives with the antagonist gone with the world dandy or all of them die in order to keep the world going. I've decided that lupin's the weathers cause that boy is always changing lmao with Zenigata being the winds cause he's always chasing the weathers! The other 3 still eludes me though.

Can I get y'all's feedback or ideas on Goemon, Fujiko, and Jigen?