Goemon question.


tired hawaiian
Alrighty, I have a question for Goemon fans.

How often do you think Goemon has to deal with people trying to challenge him for zantetsuken or attempting to steal it? I know there were a few plots surrounding that in older Lupin media especially, but I and like genuinely curious how often he has to deal with that.
I mean..

he has one of *if not* the most powerful sword in the lupin world right?
I know it has the odd time shattered but that's rare in itself so I would imagine a lot of people would like to get their hands on it.

(though I'm not hardcore Goemon)


Goemon Enthusiast
As a Goemon fan I feel obligated to answer, though I don't have much different opinion than Hooder - Zantetsuken was DEFINITELY stolen (or rather meant to be stolen, but neither Goe nor the rest of the gang let the sword-thieves do that) a lot! For many different reasons, from truely evil people wanting to use it as the ultimate weapon; some mad scientists wanting to recreate many Zantetsukens and/or just understand its power, cause it's so fascinating; and also maybe just some crazy collectioners who want to have rare and powerful swords?