Forum To-Do & Roadmap


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Be sure to check here for recent updates before suggesting a new feature or fix!

Recently Finished:
  • Allowing custom user titles
  • Profile options for favorite series, film, manga and such
  • Increased message character limit to 30k
  • Limiting items shown on Media index page (no personal albums, no NSFW album)
  • Rules and info sticky posts / per-board tutorial posts (w/ Tsushi)
  • NEW: Favorite series + "specials fan" + "manga fan" badges (thanks, Jey!)
  • NEW: Screenshots & Official Art category (thanks, Tsushi!)
  • NEW: Users can submit their personal albums to be viewable within public albums

Currently working on:
  • New forum themes, including dark theme (w/ Jey)
  • Minor visual improvements for mobile

Roadmap & Future Plans:
  • TBD!
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