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Hey, long time no post! Hope everyone here has been well. 😁

I had a question suddenly pop into my head that I had to come here and ask about -- I know that crossover pairings are not everyone's cup of tea, but I personally am all for them whenever they do happen to click in some way. With that being said, I wanted to ask: is there anyone else out there who has considered what sorts of characters from other media would fit into the Jigen Exes Theory criteria?

For those who may not know, Jigen Exes Theory is just a silly way to refer to all of his former partners; it's clear the man has a type, as you can see from most of them being listed in this prior thread. So with that in mind, I suppose there are other fellas from different media that would probably find their way into his romantic life... I have my own pet answer as to who I think would fit the criteria (one that's very obvious if you know me already, ha), but I'm curious to see what other suggestions folks would make!


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Oh man, so I love the idea of Cyberpunk crossovers for Lupin, especially with Ghost in the Shell. But recently watching Studio Trigger's Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, I think Maine would be a good option as a battlefield romance. (Even though he's in a het relationship in the show). He's just...huge, jacked, nurturing, terribly shell-shocked, and into upgrades.

Ghost in the Shell (at least the TV cast) shares a very similar character structure to Lupin as well, so I like to think that Saito (the marksman) hung out with Jigen on at least one (1) battlefield in South America and some level of bromance/blood-brother-angst happened.

Slightly off-topic but NGL, there's this guy named Brad in Trigun that also seems to be very similar to Fujiko's Brad in the that one OVA, iirc.


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I am still waiting for lupin in black lagoon, I really want to see him try to either go up against roberta, revvy, or balaika, and see him get comically btfoed. I think revvy would be the funniest, especially if shen hua gets involved, and I think either roberta or balaika would be legitimate threats to him because both clearly have shown they can and will go total scorched earth due to one being a ussr soldier in their past who survived the middle east conflicts going on there, and the other a literal Latin American guerilla revolutionary during the 70s. roberta would be the worst to go up against as it took the american military, balaika's crew, and her losing a limb or two, before she was subdued, and she caused so much destruction over revenge, one of the smallest reasons to fuck things up in a town know for hosting criminals of all walks in life. roberta would probably a very daunting threat to deal with even for lupin and the gang.