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So I wanted to draw some Lupin Stuff for some time, and a few days ago I finally did it.
Lupin 1.jpg
I started with Goemon cause I already knew how I wanted him to look in my style with a thin but edgy chin and some little folds in his face cause I always imagine him being a little older than the others and I love his quiet yet also intimidating aura he has in a lot of things.
Next up came Jigen, I am someone who likes to draw big noses and I always like to see Jigen with one so I had to take it, the only realy problem for me was his hat in combination with his eyes, which I just fixxed like the Anime, with Shadows. Besides from that I gave him a scruffy beard and along with fitting hair.
Lupin was a actually the hardest to adapt due to him having not to much variations where I could steal inpiration from like with the last two, so I kept him simple which actually ended up helping a lot with him.
And of course we have Zenigata, I like it when his chin is half as big as his face so I had to give him one, alongside of drawing him like he is gonna strangle Lupin.

So yeah, this is the four Man of Lupin in my artstyle I hope you like it, and I can't wait to do something with the designs.


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GUY (he him)
Damn, this art style has a Invaders Zim esque touch
I'm sorry but Jigen straight up looks like Mark Hamills Joker from Batman the animated series.

love it lol


aroace fujiko thruther
i love your zenigata!!! 😂 he looks really neurotic about something lupin did lol. i also agree i love jigen with a big nose!! these look great